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BrickArms Modern Combat Pack V5

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BrickArms have just released another excellent pack of Lego Minifigure compatible weapons in their Modern Combat Pack V5. This pack has a truck load of awesome weapons(19 in fact) to out-fit your modern military minifigures including some that are not available separately. Here is what they have included.

• Heavy Assault Carbine (HAC) - exclusive to this set
• M16
• ACS Shotgun
• Vector (NEW)
• M16-DBR (Door Breaching)
• Assault Carbine - exclusive to this set
• Combat SMG - exclusive to this set
• Combat PDW
• Assault Recon Carbine (ARC)
• Tactical PDW - exclusive to this set
• AC8 Assault Carbine
• Precision Sniper Rifle (PSR) - exclusive to this set
• High Caliber Sniper Rifle (HCSR)
• M60 with ammo box and Bipod
• SABR Shotgun - (NEW to this set)
• M9 Pistol - (NEW to this set)
• M1911v2 Pistol(NEW)
• Combat Knife

As the V5 suggests this is the 5th Modern Combat pack that BrickArms has released and in my humble opinion the best. BrickArms have taken out a lot of the smaller pieces like universal & ammo clips and replaced them with sick weapons like the Vector and the M9. Also the inclusion of the SABR shotgun in brown is a nice touch and is the icing on cake. 

If you could buy all of these weapons separately, then it would be around $20.63AUD so it's great value at $17.60AUD.

This pack and loads of other Lego compatible weapons & accessories are available at www.minifigworld.com