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About us

About us

img-sys-mark.jpgHello My name is Mark Boehm and I am the owner of Minifig World which is an Australian owned and operated internet business specializing in Lego compatible products, ranging from modern military weapons to a minifig based card game.

I have been a AFOL for many years and in 2009 decided to start a web business doing what I love, making Custom Lego Minifigs. The Minifig Stand was our first creation and is now available in 9 colours, next came the Battle lines Minifig Card Game which came about because of one of my other loves Card Games.

Apart from creating our own custom minifigs using parts from around the world, we also stock a wide range of Lego minifig compatible weapons, gear and equipment from all the leading manufacturers.

If you have any questions or comments you can contact me throught the 'Contact us' page on this site.

Mark Boehm